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Attention homeowners/members that have not yet paid this year’s HOA dues: Please take action to pay your past due invoices as soon as possible. Any members that are not current on 5/31 will have their account turned over to an attorney for collections on 6/1. Those members will also be responsible to pay any legal fees incurred by the HOA to seek collection of past dues. All members past due should have received another notice last week. You are encouraged to follow up with the HOA if you question the status of your account at hoa@crystalsprings.club or using the "Contact Us" feature on the http://www.crystalsprings.club website. You may also make payment at your convenience on the website at http://www.crystalsprings.club/payment.php for a fee. If mailing payment, please ensure it is received by Property Management Of Louisville at 1815 Frankfort Ave, Louisville, KY 40206 no later than 5/31.
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The first Board of Directors election for the Crystal Springs Home Owners Association was held in March 2018. Four new homeowners were elected to the Board for two year terms. The three members of the Transition Committee who assisted in the transition from a Developer managed to an HOA managed neighborhood will remain on the Board for a one year term and be up for election in 2019 (indicated by * below).
The seven member Board of Directors is made up of the following people: Rich Alexander, Jim Crowder*, Tom Simonis*, Joe Flamion*, Whitney Forbis, Amy Nail, and Jim Wallace.
Thank you to all homeowners who submitted a ballot in this election. A special note of appreciation to all homeowners who put their name up for consideration this year. We appreciate the support and interest in helping our community!
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It has been reported to management that several homeowners have recently experienced tire pops from roofing nails. We are reaching out to the Developer to work with Builders to try and remedy this situation thank you for your patience.  PMOFL
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Noticing that many of you have registered yourself on the website.  Thanks for doing this as it gives us the foundation for an email group to communicate.  Currently the website doesn't have any password protected pages so don't have logins to give people but website does have that capability.  
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Quick update we are responding to several calls about high grass and flower beds not being properly maintained.  Per the restrictions 'developed' lots must be cut and maintained on a regular basis.  If you are having trouble keeping up please reach out to us and we can figure out a way to help.  Although the restriction doesn't apply to 'non-developed' lots we are working with the Developer to keep those lots cut back every so often as well.   
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This week PMOFL has received numerous complaints about overnight street parking and has tagged several vehicles with towing notices throughout the development.  Per the Crystal Springs restrictions and the Jeffersonville city ordinance the streets need to be kept clear of vehicles in the street to make way for emergency vehicles.  As a courtesy to your fellow homeowners have your guests minimize on street parking as much as possible.  We understand that it will occur in short increments and also understand that construction vehicles are responsible for some of the problems and we are trying to work with subcontractors as well as homeowners.