Rec Center
The Recreational Center includes a clubhouse with a large party room, basement rec room and fitness facility, adult and child wading pools, tennis and basketball courts. Members may invite guests by purchasing guest wrist bands from the management company.  Members may also reserve the clubhouse for private events over the course of the year by requesting a rental on the website homepage and clicking on the image titled "Rec Center Rentals".  Members are allowed to have two rentals per calendar year. 
To rent the clubhouse, the request must be submitted on the website, a deposit must be submitted to Property Management of Louisville (checks made out to Crystal Springs HOA), and a signed rental agreement must be completed. Fees are outlined on the Rec Center Rentals page linked above. A party reservation at the clubhouse does not include rental of the pool and does not allow party guests to use to pool or fitness center amenities. Guests are only allowed at the pool based on the Rec Center packet rules.
Clubhouse access is granted via a key card given to the homeowner when the Rec Center Policy packet is signed and turned in to HOA representative. If a home is sold, the key card cannot be passed on to the new homeowner for clubhouse access. Every new homeowner is required to sign the agreement to get their new card. If you are a new resident, please reach out to to coordinate this effort.