New Resident Welcome
Welcome to Crystal Springs!!
The HOA has created this page to help you get information regarding our neighborhood, and gain access to the clubhouse if applicable. We are excited to welcome you to our community! If you have any questions that are not addressed on this page, you can use the "Contact Us" option on the website menu, or email
  • HOA Membership Class Background
    • We refer to two classes of membership, Class A only and Class A/Class B. Every resident of our neighborhood is a Class A member. The majority of homeowners are also Class B members. Class B members pay higher dues, but they also have access to the clubhouse and amenities including pool, fitness center, basketball court, and tennis court. You are automatically a Class B member of the neighborhood if your home was purchased after 2006. If your home was purchased before 2006, you can opt in to Class B membership, but once you opt in, you are unable to opt out. If you have further questions regarding HOA Membership Classes, please review the covenants and restrictions for our neighborhood located under the "HOA Info" tab on the "Documents" page. 
    • Please note that Class B dues are not membership fees to the clubhouse, but are HOA dues and must be paid regardless of the homeowners' use of additional amenities available to them as a Class B member. 
  • Clubhouse and Amenities Access
    • Clubhouse access is granted via a key card given to the homeowner when the Rec Center Policy packet is signed and turned in to an HOA representative. If a home is sold, the key card cannot be passed on to the new homeowner for clubhouse access. Every new homeowner is required to sign the agreement to get their own card. If you are a new resident, please reach out to to coordinate this effort. 
  • Website:
    • This website is our primary means of communication with the neighborhood. There are some public and private pages of this site. To access the private pages of the website, residents must register and be approved. Only one person per home is permitted to register for the website, because we do periodically use the website as tool to vote on HOA topics, and only one vote is permitted per household. Please share the registration details with the other members of your household that need them. 
    • To register for the website, follow the following instructions: 
      1. On, click on "Register" in the upper right hand corner of the page.
      2. Complete the form by entering your First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. Next to "Property" select the appropriate group, Class A Only, or Class A/Class B. From there select your address. Once you click "Select", choose your preference for the member directory, confirm you are not a robot by clicking the box, then click "Continue".
        • If you select your property and receive an error message that the property has a current owner, this is most likely because the previous owner is still registered. Please email letting them know your address, purchase date of your home, and we will delete the previous owners so you are able to register. Unfortunately at this time, we have no way of knowing when homes are bought and sold, so we rely on you to let us know when this occurs. 
      3. Once your membership registration request is entered, your access to the website is not immediate. A website admin will need to approve your request. Once this occurs, a welcome email will be sent to your email address notifying you that you can now login. When you return to the website, you will click on "Login" in the upper right hand corner and complete your login details to gain access to the private pages of the site. 
  • Other forms of communication
    • There is a Facebook page managed by the HOA Board. This page is titled "Crystal Springs HOA, Jeffersonville, IN". Membership must be requested for this group, and the membership questions must be answered. This is the only HOA Facebook page. Another Facebook page exists, but it is more of a social page, and is not managed by the HOA Board. This page is titled "Crystal Springs Subdivision, Jeffersonville, IN". Membership to that group must also be approved. Admins for that group are other members of the neighborhood. 
  • HOA Dues
    • Dues must be paid annually by April 1. Invoices will be mailed to your home in March as a reminder of the due date. Payments can be maid by mailing a check to our property management company, Property Management of Louisville (PMofL) at PO Box 7992, Louisville KY 40257or pay submitting a PayPal payment on the website. Dues are as follows: 
      • Class A Only: $150 annually
      • Class A/Class B: $600 annually