Voting packet for new courts & loan

The Board met tonight and due to the issues with the voting packet for the new courts & loan (pages are illegible, confusing documents, late arrival, no place for address, etc), we decided not to use the current packet. Omni agreed to refund the HOA for the mailing.

The Board will develop a new questionnaire and voting packet that will be mailed out at a later date. The new packet will better explain the proposed new courts & loan, as well as additional questions to gain neighborhood input on other items. We will use the votes from the new packet to make decisions going forward. We will keep you updated regarding the new mailout when we have more information.

Yard Sale June 12

If you are doing some spring cleaning and trying to figure out what to do with items you no longer need, you may be interested in our neighborhood yard sale. The Crystal Springs community sale is the second Saturday in June. This year the date is June 12, 2021.

New Contact Info for Omni

We are transitioning to a new Property Manager within Omni. Her name is Alicia Reece. Instead of residents having to keep track of different email addresses when Omni personnel changes, a new email address was created and messages will automatically go to our current Property Manager. The new email address is and can be used effective immediately. Please use this new email address for any questions or to report issues/concerns. Omni will continue to forward the Board any messages requiring Board approval/input.

2021 Election Results

The winners for the 2021 Crystal Springs HOA Board Election are Kyle Buckner, Lacie Couzin, Josh Culver, and Mack Skaggs. Their term begins today, April 1. They will join existing Board members Hend Sherif, Whitney Forbis, and Lindsay Nix.

Thank you to the outgoing Board members Joe Flamion, Debra Rowe, Josh Hillman, and John Darr for your service. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone that ran and voted. We had a record number of 434 households vote which is more than four times the typical number. We appreciate each of you taking time to participate.

Road Entering/Existing Subdivision

The Board reached out to the Jeffersonville Street Department a couple of weeks ago regarding the condition of Mackenzie Drive, specifically the section with several pot holes where traffic enters/exits the subdivision. We spoke again this week and the Commissioner came out and inspected the area and agreed it is in need of repaving. However, the City has already planned and budgeted repaving projects for the year. We were informed the pot holes will be patched as a short-term fix and if there is funding left, the road will also be repaved later in the year for a long-term fix. Repaving would not happen until closer to October if there is money available. As additional pot holes appear, the Commissioner has said if we continue reaching out, new ones will be patched and addressed as well. They are a bit short-staffed and backed up so the patching may take some time. The Commissioner agrees the road definitely needs attention. As we learn more in the fall, we will continue to keep the neighborhood updated.

2021 Board Election Information

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Exterior Renovations

The HOA Board of Directors invites Crystal Springs Rec Center Members to an informational round table.

Quarterly Meeting



January 18, 2021

There will be a quarterly meeting held in the Rec Center at 7PM on 01/18!

Please show up early and make sure to have a mask on at all times!

We appreciate your cooperation,

Omni Management Services


Trash & Recycling Pick Up this week

Recycling pickup will still be done this Friday.

Trash pickup this week will be pushed to Monday so please don’t put trash out Thursday night.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Fall 2020 Updates

Check out the latest updates from the HOA on fun events, current projects, and some issues being addressed!