Crystal Springs Exterior Renovation Project Update

On 2/3/21 the Crystal Springs Board of Directors approved the 2021 budget, a copy of which is now posted on our website. Dues will remain at $150 for Class A members and $450 for Class B members and are due on April 1. An invoice from Omni will arrive in the next few weeks. Regarding the on-going improvement project (details here:, our legal counsel previously advised the Board that a neighborhood vote was required prior to engaging in a loan/mortgage. Upon further review of Indiana state law, our legal counsel has confirmed a membership-wide vote is not required for the board to enter into a loan/mortgage. With that new information, the Board voted to begin the process to negotiate rates/terms with lenders to complete the exterior portion of the project. The Board will reconvene at a special meeting on 2/25/21 to vote whether or not to enter into the loan. Despite the change in protocol, the Board still values your input prior to taking a vote and would like feedback. There will be a meeting at 6 p.m. on 2/24/21 at the clubhouse to answer questions and allow residents to share their opinions. For residents who cannot attend, please email questions or comments to Alicia with Omni at before 2/23/21.