Over the summer, Board Treasurer John Darr compiled a list of questions from residents and board members. These questions were answered by Form G and the Board of Directors, with answers verified by our legal counsel. Find that document here: FAQ/Q&A

PDFs of the proposed renovations and updates are below.

Project Points

The board’s exterior maintenance and renovations goals are:

  • preserve/maintain our existing exterior amenities (basketball, tennis and parking).
  • decrease cars parking on street when parking lot is full or in use.
  • complete sidewalks on all HOA owned property near clubhouse.

Board considerations:

  • engineers advised that, even with a resurfacing, the basketball and tennis courts will continue to experience cracking due to the material used (asphalt), issues with the foundation, and water run-off. Anyone who has played on the courts after a good rain can attest to the amount of mud that is present from erosion and standing water.
  • to maintain the courts we considered three options; 1. resurface the courts (but will experience cracking again), 2. dig up the entire foundation and rebuild on existing location (at 10x the cost of resurfacing) or 3. build new courts in the lot adjacent to the clubhouse.
  • to address parking, the board considered two options: 1. add parking spaces in the field adjacent to the clubhouse, 2. convert existing courts into parking lot.

The board received ‘ballpark’ estimates for each option. The board voted that the best options for exterior renovations are:

  • building a new tennis court and basketball court in the open area adjacent to the clubhouse.
  • expanding basketball from half court to full court to accommodate the frequent use.
  • converting the existing courts into a parking lot (this will require a short extension of the clubhouse driveway as shown on the PDF, page 2, dark gray area), as cracked asphalt on a parking lot is not a deterrent to usage.
  • adding parking near the new courts.
  • completing the sidewalk.

The board is pursuing these renovations and obtaining financing so this project can be completed quickly and with minimal impact on residents access/use of the pool and courts.

In summary,

  • converting the courts into parking allows for more spots, and is visually more appealing (as parking will be below eye level whereas new courts will be easy to see from the road).
  • the sidewalk will be completed with the other renovation items.
  • completing all the items at once will condense any disruptions to 6 – 8 weeks and reduce overall construction cost.

PDF Documents
Exterior Renovations PDF

Path of Sidewalk


How Much Will This Cost?
The estimate for the exterior portion of the project is roughly $287,000.

Is the HOA in a Strong Financial Position?

Yes. Both Class A and Class B operate in a surplus and we maintain an appropriate capital reserve fund. 2021 Budgets can be found here https://www.crystalsprings.club/wp-content/uploads/CS-Budget-2021.pdf

How Will The Project Be Funded?

The Board has two options for funding.

  1. Pay in cash. We will pay portions of the project in cash, however, we cannot pay for the entire project in cash at this time. Delaying until we have enough cash will significantly delay the project and will likely result in a higher overall cost in terms of money and disruption to the community.
  2. Finance with a loan. This will allow for the quickest completion of the project with minimal disruption.

Can the HOA Afford a Loan?

Yes. The Class A portion of the loan (sidewalks) will be paid in cash from the Class A capital reserve. The Class A budget for 2021 plans an estimated $16,800 will be added to the Class A capital reserve (sinking) fund. The remaining project balance will come from financing and paid in Class B funds. The Board set parameters on financing terms so the options we’re considering do not exceed $37,200 annually and must not include an ARM. Our 2021 annual budget for Class B has a $60,000 surplus. The loan will be paid out of the surplus, allowing for the HOA to add an estimated $22,000 into our capital reserve (sinking) fund. We’ve been advised that a ‘healthy’ annual capital reserve amount is 5-10% of revenue. Our budget of $22,000 represents 14% of Class B revenue; $16,800 represents 24% of Class A revenues.

Share Your Thoughts

The HOA Board of Directors held an informational round table with Form G, a multidisciplinary Real Estate Development and Investment Firm, on Monday June 15th at 6 p.m. in the field next to the Crystal Springs Clubhouse. Form G talked about the clubhouse, basketball court, tennis court and parking renovation projects and processes.

Our legal counsel previously advised the Board that a neighborhood vote was required prior to engaging in a loan/mortgage. Upon further review of Indiana state law, our legal counsel has confirmed a membership-wide vote is not required for the board to enter into a loan/mortgage. With that new information, the Board voted to begin the process to negotiate rates/terms with lenders to complete the exterior portion of the project. The Board will reconvene at a special meeting on 2/25/21 to vote whether or not to enter into the loan. Despite the change in protocol, the Board still values your input prior to taking a vote and would like feedback. There will be a meeting at 6 p.m. on 2/24/21 at the clubhouse to answer questions and allow residents to share their opinions. For residents who cannot attend, please email questions or comments to Alicia with Omni at manager@crystalsprings.club before 2/23/21.