Fall 2020 Updates from the Board

Fun Events!

Events Committee: The HOA is looking for residents for an Events Committee to plan fun activities throughout the year. Please Contact Us if interested.

Cookies with Santa! At the clubhouse. December 6 from 2pm-4pm.

Contest: Info coming soon on Christmas Lighting Decoration contest!

Neighborhood News

Sidewalk Ramps: The HOA reached out to the city to get ADA compliant sidewalk ramps installed throughout our neighborhood. The city funded this project and the hope of the HOA is this makes our neighborhood more ADA friendly but also is nice and safer for strollers, wagons, bike riding, scooters, etc.

Upcoming Vote: As mentioned at the Annual meeting in October, the HOA will be mailing paper ballots for a vote to take out a loan for constructing new basketball, tennis courts, and parking. In order to pass, there has to be 51% yes votes of all homes in the neighborhood. Details will be forthcoming when to expect the ballot.

Retention Pond: The HOA met with multiple vendors throughout the year regarding the retention pond at the entrance–both regarding the lining and also the overgrowth of vegetation such as the cattails. A new valve was installed in the lining designed to prevent the re-occurring bubbling. The contractor also recommended putting gravel and additional plantings around the pond. It was advised the pond not be treated this year for vegetation overgrowth and to wait until the cattails start dying and trim them down. Starting next year we will perform preventative treatment so they do not overtake the pond, as well as preventative maintenance for the vines.

Crystal Lake: The lake in the Crystal Lakes section had an algae issue at the end of the summer. The HOA met with a company to address this issue and upon their inspection, the advice was to wait until next year for preventative treatment. If it was treated chemically, due to the time of year, it would likely result in a fish kill. The company said the algae issue would resolve itself once temperatures started dropping. The HOA has built preventative maintenance of the lake into the budget for next year.

Trees: There are a couple of trees that are dying near the entrance and need attention. The HOA is aware of this and is working with Omni to have this addressed.

Landscape Lighting: The HOA is aware some of the landscape lighting on New Chapel is out and has reached out to the city and REMC to have this repaired.