Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answer to frequently asked questions, categorized for your convenience. If your question isn’t answered here, feel free to contact the Board or Omni Management. Please be sure to include your name AND address AND contact info so we are able to get back in touch with you. If you are submitting a violation report, please be sure to include the address of the home you are discussing.

Neighborhood Info FAQ:

Each street light should have a tag on the pole with an identification number and the phone number for the Clark County REMC. The REMC handles all repairs to these lights. Please contact them to have repairs made.

The Covenants and Restrictions state that each home may hold one yard sale per year at their residence. The HOA publicizes one yard sale per year, the summer neighborhood yard sale, which is held on the second Saturday of June. If a home does not participate in the publicized summer yard sale, they may hold a yard sale on one other day of their choosing, but the HOA will not actively promote it.

The annual neighborhood yard sale is held on the second Saturday in June.

Crystal Springs Subdivision is located in Utica Township. A township map for Clark County can be found at the link below:

Crystal Springs Residents cast their votes at the Utica Community Building located at 106 N 4th Street Jeffersonville, IN 47130. There is a small parking lot in front of the community center, and a slightly larger one located across the street at the Town Hall. FYI- The Town Hall is also a polling place, so be sure you are going to the Community Building.

Crystal Springs is in District 6 of the City of Jeffersonville. To find out who our current city council person is, and for more information, visit https://cityofjeff.net/city-council/.

Association Related FAQ:

The short answer is, no, the content of the documents was not changed.

During the Transition Period (late 2017 and early 2018), when the members of the Transition Committee were working with the developer and the attorneys to get the neighborhood turned over, the Restrictions were reformatted, but no content was changed. This was done to streamline the documentation of the Restrictions. This document previously existed as 13 different attachments. All 13 have now been combined into one document which allows for simpler review of the file, and ensures that none of the attachments are inadvertently left out.

Per the Covenants, there are some things that the Board of Directors of the HOA has the authority to change without a neighborhood vote. This includes documents pertaining to the Recreation Center. No changes have yet been made, but if they are, updated information will be posted to the Crystal Springs Website.

The Covenants and Restrictions are binding, and they can only be changed with a neighborhood vote of 75% agreement.

Since amendment of the restrictions is not specified within the restrictions, it defaults to Indiana law. Per Indiana law, amending our restrictions and protective covenants would require an affirmative vote of 75% of lot owners. This is literally 75% of all lot owners, not simply 75% of a quorum at a meeting duly called for such a vote. As of this writing, there are 430 occupied homes, meaning an affirmative vote of 323 would be required to adopt an amendment.

This type of change must be approved by the HOA Board. Please go to the Documents page and follow the process outlined in the “Exterior Change Application.”

The Covenants and Restrictions state that the all structures require approval from the HOA board. This includes patios, decks, pergolas, etc. The purpose of this rule is not to prohibit homeowners from making improvements to their homes, but to ensure that the items added/expanded are permitted by the Covenants and Restrictions, are aesthetically pleasing and do not have a negative impact on the neighborhood. The request for approval can be submitted using the form located on the Documents page. Follow the steps as outlined and the Board will review your request.

Annual Dues are due on April 1st of each year. A dues statement will be sent to each homeowner in advance of this date along with instructions on how to pay. If you have any questions regarding dues, email hoa@crystalsprings.club.

Absolutely not. This is a self-policing neighborhood. If a resident sees something that needs to be addressed, they can contact the Board or Omni Management and steps will be taken to find a resolution. The Board members are not meant to make regular rounds through the neighborhood to ensure each person is following covenants and restrictions (grass height, street parking, etc.) Each resident has the right to address issues with their neighbors and take action if they think appropriate.

The duties of the Board of Directors are outlined in the bylaws. Generally, the Board is responsible for enforcing restrictions and covenants, for maintaining the common areas and recreation center, and for collecting dues for such purposes.

Recreation Center and Pool FAQ:

It depends. All homes built after August 31, 2006 are automatically members of the Recreation Center and Pool and are therefore required to pay the associated fees. That goes for homes in all sections of the neighborhood, with the exception of the Gardens. It is possible for any homeowner in Crystal Springs, including those in the Gardens, who is not automatically a Recreation Center Member to opt into membership. Once a property has opted in to the Recreation Center membership, that membership is permanent for the property, even if the property is sold. All homes associated with recreation center membership are responsible to pay the same fees. To answer the question, a homeowner from the Gardens can use the pool and clubhouse IF they have opted in to membership in the Recreation Center and are paying the appropriate fees to do so.

Access to the clubhouse is granted via key card. To have a key card issued to you, you must first print and complete the membership packet located on the Documents page. Once you have completed the packet and had it notarized, you can contact Omni Management and they will get you in touch with a contact on site at the clubhouse to turn in the packet and get your key card.

If you are a resident of Crystal Springs and are a member of the Clubhouse, you have the ability to request a reservation of the clubhouse. You can request the date using the form on the Rec Center Page. You must also complete the “Rental Policies/Request/Agreement” which is located on the Documents page. Your request will be approved after the following items are complete:
1. You are deemed eligible for a rental by your membership to the clubhouse
2. You have not exceeded the allowed number of reservations per year
3. You have requested the date on the website
4. The Rental Agreement has been completed and sent to hoa@crystalsprings.club
5. Deposit for the rental has been paid
After all of the above items are completed, you should get an approval email confirming your reservation.
We hope you have a wonderful event!!