Crystal Springs Pool Information

Open for the season!

Swimming Pool Rules
2.1 The pool’s regular hours of operation will be from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Sunday through
Saturday beginning the Saturday before Memorial Day through Labor Day. (Open and close
date of the pool is subject to change. Notification will be posted at the pool if such occurrence
should take place).
2.2 Adult swim time for lap swimming will be from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM, any day the pool is open.
2.3 CSRC does not employ a Lifeguard or Pool Attendant to monitor the swimming pool area;
however, the recreation center management is authorized to close the pool should, in his or
her judgment, circumstances warrant. Any persons violating facility/swimming pool rules may
be asked to leave the premises at any time.
2.4 The Swimming pool/clubhouse has a strict no alcohol policy. Disorderly and/or intoxicated
members will be asked to leave the area. Also, no food or drink is allowed in the pool.
Members should use extreme care in disposing of trash properly and in urging others to do the
same. Nothing should ever be thrown into the pool.
2.5 Food is permitted at designated tables within the pool area. Members are expected to clean up
after themselves, their family & guests.
2.6 All guests of members are required to wear a wristband. See Page 1 Paragraph 4.
2.7 Members must accompany their guests at all times and are responsible for their conduct. No
rain checks will be allowed after the passes are submitted and the guest has entered.
2.8 Members may use up to 2 guest passes per day unless approved by Management.
2.9 Members that lease their home may forego their pool access and grant their tenant access IF
and only IF they provide a written lease to Management AND the Tenants execute an Exhibit 1
agreeing to the rules/restrictions of the CSRC.
2.10 Per Indiana code children 14 years of age and younger must be accompanied at all times by
an adult, guardian, or babysitter and supervised by said person while at the pool. This rule will
be strictly enforced. If any doubt exits as to a child’s age or ability to swim, the CSRC
Management reserves the right to ask the child to leave and to be accompanied by a parent
and or adult on future visits. This is monitored by the Clark County Health Department.
2.11 The wading pool is for the benefit of small children who must be accompanied by a parent or
responsible person in the wading pool area. Children who are ill and likely to create a health
hazard for others will not be permitted to swim in the pool. Swimmers not “toilet trained” must
wear an approved swim diaper. Regular diapers, disposable or cloth, are not permitted in the
pool. Please do not change diapers at poolside.
2.12 Members are fully responsible for the conduct of their children and guests while at the pool.
Failure to follow rules will result in suspension from the use of all facilities.
2.13 In furtherance of the safety and welfare of all persons using the pool, the CSRC management
(when present) is authorized to discipline the children of members. Disciplinary measures will
range from a verbal warning to loss of pool privileges.
2.14 No Diving is allowed. Also no dunking, wrestling, running, towel-flipping, or other horse-play
will be permitted and will result in disciplinary action being taken.
2.15 Hard or water soaked balls, towels, paper cups, Popsicle sticks, plastic straws, chewing gum,
etc. are not permitted in the pool since they may endanger other swimmers and/or possibly
cause damage to the filtration equipment.
2.16 Plastic inflatable objects are acceptable as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of
others, or is deemed dangerous to other swimmers.
2.17 Bathroom facilities are available to members and their guests inside the CSRC on the lower
level only.
2.18 The “upstairs” area of the recreation center is strictly prohibited while visiting or using the pool.
2.19 Wet bathing suits are never permitted upstairs or in the exercise facility or on the tennis and
basketball courts under any circumstances.
2.20 Pets are strictly prohibited except for service dogs.
2.21 Swimming in blue jeans, or other non-bathing attire will not be permitted.
2.22 Loud music will not be permitted. Please use headphones, etc.
2.23 Pool deck furniture is not to be moved outside the fenced pool area or in wading pool.
2.24 Pool lounge chairs are available on a first come first serve basis. Reserving chairs for persons
that are not on the pool premises is prohibited.
2.25 Willful defacing or destruction of property will not be tolerated and will be grounds for
immediate suspension of pool privileges. Members will be liable for loss or damages caused
by them or their guests.
2.26 CSRC is not responsible for lost articles, accidents or injury to members or guests using the
facilities. All personal possessions are to be removed from the pool and dressing areas at the
end of each day.
2.27 Use of the facility by entering the pool during times other than normal operating hours or
special, announced hours, by any persons not entitled to use the facilities shall be considered
trespassing and treated accordingly.
2.28 It is the right and duty of the members of CSRC to enforce all pool rules and report repeated or
significant violations and/or unacceptable behavior to CSRC management.
2.29 All rules and regulations are subject to change at the discretion of CSRC Management.

Pool Season

Weather and Staffing Permitting, the Crystal Springs Pool Season will be Memorial Day Weekend Saturday through Labor Day Weekend Monday. Sometimes we are able to open before Memorial Day or extend the pool use after Labor Day, depending on various factors. Please check the Latest News link of this website and sign up for HOA email blasts for the latest information.

Pool Hours

9:00AM to 9:00PM Daily

Accessing the Pool

Clubhouse and pool access is granted via a key card given to the homeowner when the Rec Center Packet is signed and turned into Kentuckiana Property Management. If a home is sold, the key card cannot be passed on to the new homeowner for clubhouse access. Every new homeowner is required to sign the agreement to get their new card. If you are a new resident, please contact manager@crystalsprings.club to coordinate this effort.

Pool Guests

The pool at Crystal Springs is for the primary use of Crystal Springs Property Owners and their registered guests. All guests must be accompanied by a property owner when visiting the pool. All members and guests must use their issued key card when entering the pool.

Property Owners are allowed up to 2 guests free of charge. Property Owners over the guest limit are required to pre-pay of $5.00 for each guest over the 2 guest limit that visits the pool. Guest passes must be purchased in advance through reaching out to manager@crystalsprings.club. No payment will be accepted at the pool. Cash and or check is the only means of payment accepted. Checks shall be made payable to Crystal Springs HOA.

Crystal Springs HOA