Road Entering/Exiting Subdivision

The Board reached out to the Jeffersonville Street Department a couple of weeks ago regarding the condition of Mackenzie Drive, specifically the section with several pot holes where traffic enters/exits the subdivision. We spoke again this week and the Commissioner came out and inspected the area and agreed it is in need of repaving. However, the City has already planned and budgeted repaving projects for the year. We were informed the pot holes will be patched as a short-term fix and if there is funding left, the road will also be repaved later in the year for a long-term fix. Repaving would not happen until closer to October if there is money available. As additional pot holes appear, the Commissioner has said if we continue reaching out, new ones will be patched and addressed as well. They are a bit short-staffed and backed up so the patching may take some time. The Commissioner agrees the road definitely needs attention. As we learn more in the fall, we will continue to keep the neighborhood updated.